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When Only a Bespoke Jewel Will Do
The Ultimate Luxury

If the ultimate luxury is scarcity, then the most luxurious jewel of all is the one that is made just for you. Having a hand in creating your own jewelry is an incredibly rewarding experience. You'll receive the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want, and knowing that your design is uniquely your own.

How Do We Begin?

First, we listen to you. Using an interview process to help you express what you are looking for, we develop a vision of the jewel you have been dreaming of.

Or, maybe you love a jewel that was created by one of the top designers - something you've seen in our cases. But you want it customized to include your birth-stone, a different metal, or a slightly different presentation.

Authentic Tradition

From Concept to Rendering

The next step is a computerized rendering of your design, bringing your piece to life in a photo-realistic manner. At this stage you can easily visualize what the finished piece will look like, and you can make any changes you wish.

The Jewel of Your Dreams

After you approve the design, our master jewelers (or the designer of your choice, if you are personalizing an existing design) will create your jewel. This process can be completed in as little as three weeks. 

And while we love to sit with you and engage in this process in person, we can also create your bespoke jewel via email and video conferencing.

Authentic Tradition

Experience the
Ultimate Luxury

Let us help you create the jewel you've always wanted - the one that tells your story, your way.