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There are no rules!

We often get asked what is the norm or tradition for picking out wedding bands. The truth is THERE ARE NO RULES! Here’s how we break it down:

Anything Goes!
Wedding bands don’t need to match engagement rings. In fact a different metal color or texture might actually look better. Steve always shows a rose gold band with white gold and platinum engagement rings, and people who thought they wanted all white often love it. The contrast is soft and beautiful and allows you to see that there are actually 2 rings there.

Couples are NOT matching
The goal is for you both to pick rings that you really love. So- if he is geeking out over a Chris Ploof meteorite ring because he grew up on Star Wars and never in his wildest dreams thought he could own a real life piece of space rock, then let him get it! He will wear it every day and tell all of his friends, who also grew up on Star Wars, that he has the best partner ever for letting him embrace his inner nerd!

 Chris Ploof Designer Feature 2

Express yourself
See above ^ space rock story.
Seriously though, there are lots of really great ways you can express yourself with a wedding band, whether it be with a space rock or not. Perhaps you are really passionate about the environment and want to be thoughtful about where the materials come from and how it’s made. Then someone like Jennifer Dawes, at the forefront of the responsible jewelry movement, is a great choice for you! Or maybe you want to incorporate black diamonds because you lead a rock and roll lifestyle and want your jewelry to express that. We’ve got you covered there too. The goal is to get something that you love and connect with.

Jennifer Dawes Designer Feature 2 1

Pick something that will withstand the test of time and YOU
This is where it gets real. If I hear one more person say “I want something that looks really delicate,” I might scream. Well, not really… But I feel like it is my civic duty to let these women know that if it looks delicate it probably IS DELICATE. It’s time to ask yourself the really tough questions. Do you plan on wearing this ring all the time, including at the gym? Do you want to have kids? Do you want to have wedding rings you can pass down to your kids? Are you rough on your shoes? (Believe it or not there is a correlation. Women who tend to be tough on their shoes are also tough on their rings!) If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to make sure you pick a ring that can keep up with your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you end up with a big, bulky ring. There is a happy medium. We have rings that are not over-powering and can withstand the test of time and you!

Remember it’s like buying a jacket and it’s the only jacket you will wear for the rest of your life!
This little nugget is from Steve. He should know…. He has never, ever had his wedding band off since the day I put it on his finger - September 5, 1997.

-- Melissa Quick

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